Alexander Keith's Washer Toss Game

Washer Toss Game

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The object of the game is to earn points by tossing metal washers, usually around two inches in diameter, and 1/8 inch thick, toward a hole, usually denoted by a can or PVC pipe, often in a box. Boxes are placed approximately 20 feet away from each other. The throwing player stands next to or behind one box and tosses washers toward the other, normally using an underhand throw. Scoring is similar to horseshoes in that the second team to throw can wash-out/rebut any points that the first team may have scored, then add to their own total. 3 points are awarded to a non-rebutted ringer (a washer in the cup). 1 point is awarded to each non-rebutted washer inside the box. Games are normally played to 21 points.