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    The #BeerBetter Beer Enthusiast Bootcamp

    The #BeerBetter Beer Enthusiast Bootcamp

    We'll help you make the most of your beer drinking experience! 

    You don’t need to be a professional brewer or certified beer geek to love beer.

    Whether you are a casual beer drinker, or curious to explore different beer styles, we can all seize the opportunity to beer a little better.


    Make the most of your beer drinking experience and learn:

    ✔️  What makes the beers you love taste the way they do

    ✔️  How to pour the perfect pint

    ✔️  Ways to serve beer to optimize the drinking experience

    ✔️  How to pair beer and food


    The mobile-friendly program includes 24 modules in 5 learning streams:





    Hear about the program from

    Michelle Tham Certified Cicerone®, Labatt Breweries of Canada 





    Make the most of your beer drinking experience with




    Here's how it works: 

    Step 1. 

    Download the Spiffy app

    Step 2.

    Create your profile

    Step 3. 

    Click on “Teams” tab and search for the BeerBetter team

    Step 4. 

    Select “Beer Enthusiast Bootcamp” 

    Step 5. 

    Go back to the “Learn” tab and start learning


    Start learning in the #beerbetter Beer Enthusiast Bootcamp.



    Offer expires February 15, 2021. 
    ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. Must be of legal drinking age in your province of residence.
    Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.